Testing and QA

NickSoft offers testing of web applications as part of its software development life cycle. We also provide testing and quality assurance as a service for your already developed products. Our testing and QA services include the following:
  • Exploratory Testing - It checks applications with incomplete documentation or without documentation. We are using it also to familiarize with a new application and also to enlarge the test coverage
  • Requirements Check - It tests the requirements for inconsistence, missing information and functions and conflicts
  • Functional Testing - It verifies whether the software product complies with the functional requirements indicated in its specification
  • Cross Browser testing - It checks that the application is working properly with the most widely utilized browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and their last versions
  • Automated Testing - It is suitable for large projects and stable systems where the tests will be run many times in the coarse of the project. It includes test planning, execution and maintenance
  • Localization Testing - It checks for absent texts and unreadable, meaningless characters. Our localization testing services do not include checking for right transations.
  • Installation Testing - It verifies application's proper installation and further operating
  • Load, performance, stress, volume and reliability testing - It verifies the application behavior under certain workloads, various number of users and data. It checks its speed, looks for bottlenecks and how the program copes with overload, increasing volume of data and for a long time.
  • Regression Testing - It checks that fixes, additions or improvements of the code haven’t caused new errors
  • Usability Testing - It checks the interaction with the web application, whether its navigation is convenient and intuitive.
  • Security Testing - It checks how the application operates with users data in terms of confidentiality, integrity, authentication, authorization and availability. It includes vulnerability, penetration and network security testing